Thursday, March 29, 2012

Raw Buff Spring

Rawceutical Raw Buffs are designed to exfoliate, polish, treat and stimulate our largest organ, our skin.
Sugar is natures glycolic acid, a fabulous acid that gently but thoroughly loosens and removes the top, oh so dulling, layer of skin.
Each Raw Buff Pod is desined to be used 'neat', in the pod or 'animal style', out of the pod as depicted. Applied to skin in gentle but firm circular motion from head to toe, allow to set for 5-15 min and rinse in a cool shower or bath.
May be used wet or dry. Raw Buffs remain fresh, raw and potent 30 days refrigerated.

Lemon Illumination Buff......exfoliant, illuminating, polishing.
sugar, Meyer Lemon, organic whole pansy, raw whole ground carrot, raw ginger

Bharati Buff....warming, stimulating, exfoliant
sugar, myrhh, frankinsence, ground whole cardamom, vanilla bean

Xocolatl Buff......... stimulating, exfoliant, temporarily reduces appearance of cellulite.
organic cocoa, espresso, ground almond, raw cocoa nibs, fresh raw mint, cinnamon,

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