Friday, March 09, 2012

Aveeno soothing bath has a 60 year history as a skin soothing, itch relieving treatment, and oats(avena) have been used since ancient times as a skin cleanser, anti-inflammatory and in wound care. Science has recently discovered that oat beta glucan increases collagen production and reduces scars, fine lines and wrinkles.

Raw Ceuticals Avena soothing bath treatment is for those sensitive to mineral oil, Aveeno brand bath treatment contains mineral oil as a moisturizer. Many with delicate skin are sensitive to petroleum based products, Raw Ceuticals Avena relies on the powerfull humectant and moisteriaing properties of oat (avena), just as Aveeno's original formula.

Raw Ceuticals Avena

Avena Baby Bath

organic collodial oats, flax, organic chamomille flowers,

Avena Green Tea Bath

organic collodial oats, flax, bancha (freeze dried green tea)

Avena Aphrodite

organic collodial oats, flax, bee pollen, honey, citus peel, vanilla bean, Boswelia (frankinsense),

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